Walter Needs You!
Become a Citizen

WaltEarth is an eco flavoured game and an immersive experience filled with fun adventures. Participate in the city life where you can exchange with your friends and possess and operate your own piece of land. Come to WaltEarth to discover 4 thrilling games where you can play with your friends or on your own (Crane Brain, Carrot Guard, Grime Buster et Green Grand Prix). You too can be like Walter and take eco-friendly actions in order to better a polluted planet and maybe become … a Green Master! To be the greenest citizen you will have to gather as many eco$ as you can by being green; planting trees, composting, taking care of your pet, building eco-friendly structures on and around your house, but most of all by trying not to succumb to buying the polluting products of Mr Pollu.

Come visit the site in the next months in order to discover WaltEarth and take part in the great green adventure!