Walter in his Eco-Lab!

A stimulating way to learn more about the challenges to our environment through the hands-on use of science and technology applications!

An active process, in an awareness enhancement context!

This environmental-awareness learning kit invites early schoolers to plunge into the universe of Walter, a cartoon character who is dedicated to protecting the planet. He invites the pupils to accompany him on his journey, which involves 10 challenging eco situations, all designed to enhance their learning curve in the worlds of science and technology.

Each learning situation begins with viewing a humorous but instructive episode from the daily life of Walter. It also raises questions of a scientific, technological or environmental nature. The activity that follows allows the pupil to answer the particular question of the exercise while learning about how he or she arrived at the magic solution. Throughout the project and for each learning situation, the pupil describes the activity in a personal ledger.

The scientific or technological activity is then applied to a learning situation in English through which the student can develop reading and writing skills as well as oral communications' abilities. The subjects covered during the ten learning situations are also dealt with in more depth in various eco-theme books which also form part of the kit and in which the level of presentation is adapted to the pupils.

Skill level sought:

Transversal, scientific and technological skills for primary grade students in English.

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